Targeted Cover Letter Template Bundle




The Targeted Cover Letter Template© Bundle is perfect for College Students, College Grads, and Entry Level professionals who want to write stronger, more effective cover letters to increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

This “already-formatted, plug and chug” document is designed to ask targeted questions to help you write about your skills, explain why those skills are beneficial to the company, and relate it to the position you’re applying for without starting from scratch. This purchase includes the following documents:

  • Instruction Guide – Explains how to use each item in the bundle and includes a pre-work assignment that will help you gather information needed to write a strong cover letter.
  • Targeted Cover Letter Template – Plug-and-chug document to create your own targeted cover letter!
  • Cover Letter Sample – This document provides an example of what a strong cover letter looks like using the same format as the template. If you have writer’s block or need an idea on how to input information in a specific section of the Cover Letter Template, refer to the Cover Letter Sample for a blast of inspiration!
  • Cover Letter Checklist – Once you finish writing your cover letter using the Cover Letter Sample, use the checklist to make sure it’s ready to be sent to recruiters!

Happy Writing!